Alaskan Leader Fisheries operates vessels in the Bering Sea year round. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Open positions become available based on each vessel’s staffing needs. Each vessel averages 23 crewmembers per fishing trip. Hiring is usually on short notice.

All employment positions are located onboard the longline catcher/processor vessels. There are no seasonal, part-time or land-based employment opportunities; we exclusively hire long-term, full time crew members. The human resources department hires for general crew member positions. Specific positions will be determined by the Captain once onboard the vessel. Advancement opportunities can happen rapidly for those individuals who show willingness and the initiative to excel.



Applicants considered for employment must be physically and mentally fit, able to work long hours, be capable of heavy lifting and endure intense physical labor. Generally, the conditions are cold, wet, noisy and tense. During the winter months, crew will experience intense weather conditions that can produce 20-50 foot swells. All crew members live and work in small, confined, shared spaces. Each employee is expected to work well with and respect other individuals onboard the fishing vessels.

Please see individual job descriptions for experience and/or license requirements.

To be eligible for employment, all applicants must be 18 years or older and authorized to work in the United States.


  • Submit an application
    • Allow 1-4 weeks processing time
    • Applications are kept on file for one year
  • Selected applicants will be contacted and may be subject to the following:
    • Criminal history background check
    • Reference check/verification of employment
    • Personal interview
    • Pre-employment drug test*

*Please note: Alaskan Leader Fisheries is an Alcohol and drug-free company, regardless of laws related to such substances.

Once Hired

All employees sign an employment contract before each fishing trip. A fishing trip averages 25-60 days in length, depending on the vessel. Crewmembers will be encouraged to work a rotation schedule of 90+ consecutive fishing days (2-3 trips) on the vessel and 1-2 trips at home resting. Plan to be away from home for at least 90 days at a time. While under contract employees must work every day, with no days off. In addition to working daily, typical work shifts can be up to 18 hours per day with sleep shifts averaging only six hours. Each contract begins with a grueling 18-36 hour offload wherein you will be expected to repeatedly lift 50-90 pounds, while withstanding the cold of the freezer and Alaskan climate. The offload can be the hardest part of this job.

Hired crew members will be flown to the port where the vessel is currently docked. The company will advance airfare to the vessel and will deduct the cost from the crew member’s first pay check. The company will pay return airfare to the designated point of hire after completion of at least 60 days onboard the vessel. After the completion of 90 consecutive days onboard the company will refund airfare from point of hire to the boat. Our points of hire are Seattle, Anchorage, Kodiak and Dillingham. Flights can be arranged to and from any airport in the United States, however, the cost beyond point of hire will always be at the crew member’s expense and deducted from pay. Travel expenses and baggage fees to the boat will not be advanced and are the crew member’s responsibility.

If applicable, the following items will be deducted from your paycheck: airfare, gear, fishing license, advances, onboard ship store charges, tobacco and phone tokens. In addition, each crew member will be charged room & board/groceries at $24.00 per day. Room & board will cover meals, hot snacks/coffee, laundry service, bedding and towels.

Employees earn a crew share which is based on percentage of the catch. Paychecks will be sent out 10-14 days after each trip ends. Direct deposit is strongly encouraged. Contracts are signed at .5 % of the catch. Gross pay can average $2,500 – $9,000 per trip. There are no guarantees or set wages for non-licensed, entry-level positions. A higher percentage can be earned based on work performance and attitude and is determined by the captain at the end of each contracted fishing trip.