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Alaskan Leader Fisheries has grown to be one of the largest and most productive longline businesses through the construction of new fishing vessels, the acquisition of additional Alaskan fishing rights, and the development of both commodity and value-added initiatives that increase the economic value to the company’s sustainable resources.

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The Most Innovative Longline Fishing Vessels

We're proud to fly the Maltese Falcon Cross; the symbol of inspection excellence from the American Bureau of Shipping. All of our vessels are built in America, inspected and licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard, and employ the latest technology in harvesting and processing superior Alaskan seafood. 

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The Hardest Working Commercial Fishermen on the Bering Sea

We are committed to providing comfortable accommodations, a safe work environment and a network of support for our crew. Without them, we couldn’t bring the freshest, most delicious Wild Alaska Cod to food lovers around the world.

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Wild Alaska Cod for Retail & Restaurants

Longline fishing—one hook, one fish—produces some of the worlds most delicious seafood through the careful handling of individually hooked fish. Lovers of great Alaskan seafood can enjoy Wild Alaska Cod and other varieties at select retail locations and at fine dining establishments.

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