Life on the Leader Boats

Brave the Bering.
Reap the Rewards.

The waters of the Bering Sea are full of Wild Alaska Cod and whitefish. They’re also full of opportunities for those who are willing to brave the seas and can make the cut.

Alaskan Leader Fisheries is a commercial fishing company that operates year-round in the Bering Sea. Each of its four vessels average 24 crew members per fishing trip. Open positions become available based on each vessel's staffing needs. 

Alaskan Leader Fisheries hires exclusively full-time contract employees.  There are no seasonal, part-time or land-based employment opportunities. Advancement opportunities can happen rapidly for those individuals who show willingness and the initiative to excel.

Life at Sea

This isn’t a desk job. The Leader boats offer a unique working experience. That’s why you’ll love it! If you are physically and mentally fit, able to work long hours, and capable of enduring intense physical labor, you’ll thrive here. Teamwork is a must on the Leader boats, and that's why many crew members go on to be lifelong friends.

Room & Board

All crew live and work in clean, shared spaces. The vessels house bathroom and shower facilities that are shared amongst the crew. State rooms have bunk beds, individual cubbies for belongings, and sleep 4-6 crew per room. Rooms and beds will be assigned to crew upon crew arrival to the vessel.  


Each Leader boat staffs an experienced cook who strives to provide multicultural meal options and welcomes meal requests. Meals are self-serve in the galley using steam tables and the crew eat family style. Three hot meals plus snacks and drinks are provided per day to nourish the hardworking crew.


Fishing on the Bering Sea can be challenging at times as weather conditions can produce high seas and rough work conditions.  No matter what the weather, crew can expect the work to be demanding and fast paced. That said, the excitement of loading the boat amidst Alaska’s natural beauty is a unique shared experience. And many crew members return because our fleet is safe, and our officers are well-trained and experienced Commercial Fishermen.

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You must submit an application to be considered for employment. After submitting your application, you can expect to be contacted by the Human Resources department via phone or email. Each application will be processed within two weeks. We appreciate your patience during this two week processing time. The Human Resources department will guide you through the remainder of the hiring process. 

For the best chance at joining the Alaskan Leader team, please educate yourself on the job and industry and discuss your decision with close family and friends. Be sure you are mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for this job before leaving for Alaska.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect after I submit my application?

A: Once you submit an application online you can expect to be contacted by a company representative regarding your application status and any further pre-employment steps you’ll need to take.

Q: What positions are available on the boat?

A: Each vessel has a Captain, Mate, Chief Engineer and Engineer’s Assistant, Cook, Steward, and roughly 18 crew members who work either on deck, on the gear line or in the factory.  You can visit our job descriptions for more details about each position.

Q: Can I pick what job I want to do on the boat?

A: Yes, if you meet certain qualifications for a specific position.  Otherwise, all new crew are hired as general crew members and will be assigned a specific department based on spots available for entry level crewmen (deck, gear, factory, or steward) by the captain upon arrival to the vessel.  The opportunity to cross train is there with the right performance, initiative and length of employment. 

Q: How do I get hired as a deckhand?

A: The captain will determine your placement on the vessel.  If you desire to be a deckhand and/or have previous deckhand experience please inform the mate or captain of your request to be a deckhand.  You may need to start in a different position depending on the vessel’s staffing needs. 

Q: When does the fishing season start and end? 

A: We operate year-round, and therefore don’t typically hire seasonal or part time employees

Q: How much money can I expect to make and when do I get paid?

A: Gross pay can average $4000.00 - $6000.00 for new hires per fishing trip.  Employees earn a crew share.  There are no guarantees or set wages for non-licensed, entry-level positions.  A higher percentage can be earned based on work performance and attitude.  Paychecks will be processed 10-14 days after each trip ends and offloads.  Direct Deposit is strongly encouraged.

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Employment Requirements:

Some positions require experience and/or license. Please see individual job descriptions for more information.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age 
  • Must submit an application for employment
  • Must be authorized to work in the United States
  • Must have valid government-issued photo identification 
  • Must bring original valid government-issued documents to the vessel as required to complete an I-9 employment form 
  • Must speak and understand English to perform job duties effectively
  • Submit to a criminal background check and pass a pre-employment drug test 
  • Complete a post-offer health questionnaire 
  • Willingness to be gone from home for 90+ days 
  • Ability to leave home on short notice  


  • Fit and able to work up to 18 hours per day
  • Able to endure intense physical labor 
  • Able to repeatedly lift and carry a 40 lb case of frozen product  
  • Agree to and understand the working environment can be cold, wet, noisy and tense with extreme weather conditions
  • Must work well in a team environment

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