Duties of Job:

  • Have a working knowledge of all officer’s duties and job requirements
  • Expertly navigate vessel in all situations; including fishing, traveling while in or out of international waters, and docking
  • Able to navigate vessel while setting, and hauling gear
  • Have command of the vessel and crew
  • Establish adequate supervision and watches for the safe operation of the vessel insuring proper drills and instructions
  • Familiar with 46 CFR part 28, stability instructions, government reporting requirements (i.e. IFQ landing, NMFS logbooks, daily production reports, etc.)
  • Work with management to ensure compliance with applicable regulations
  • Will ensure the NMFS observer in not impeded in doing his / her job
  • Ensure good discipline and order
  • Comply with management instructions and requirements
  • Assist in developing yearly fishing plan
  • Assist in hiring and place crewmembers in appropriate positions
  • Knowledge in operating all electronics, communications and computer systems.

  • Training and Licenses: Coast Guard, mandated licenses and/or training