About Seafoods

Wild Alaska Cod

Pure as Alaska’s Icy Blue Waters and Frozen At Sea, our Alaska Cod is Eco-Friendly and 100% Product of the USA.

The Company

Alaskan Leader Seafoods is the most progressive, innovative and vertically integrated “Hook & Line“ fishing company in Alaska. Our vessels are the newest and the cleanest in the fleet and maintained so well that we are proud to fly the Maltese Falcon Cross; the symbol of inspection excellence from the American Bureau of Shipping. All of our vessels are American built, U.S. Coast Guard inspected and licensed.


Our sustainable “Hook and Line“ fishery is applauded by several certification organizations as the most Eco-Friendly fishing method existing today.

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Why Us

What sets us apart from other fishing companies is that our fleet is outfitted with a custom designed and patented Norwegian longline system that places single hooks along the ocean floor. This “one hook, one fish“ method of harvesting our catch is the most ecologically responsible and least intrusive on other species habitats.

Our Captains

At the helm of our vessels are Coast Guard licensed “Masters“ with an average of over 20 years fishing experience. They are medically trained and tasked to preserve safety at all costs, read technologically advanced electronic equipment that find the fish and are trained in meteorology. Their reaction skills must be razor sharp, but patient.

The Fishing Deck

At the rail of each of our vessels stands the skillful “Gaffer“. His hand to eye coordination and instincts must be as sharp as a Tack. He and the Captain work together through hand signals and electronic communications and he must have impeccable timing. Often, he faces all that Mother Nature can give him, and he prevails by keeping our company well below the allowable by-catch species standards. At his sea level position, he can catch and release live untargeted fish and carefully land the ones we are fishing for. This renders us as the absolute cleanest and healthiest method of harvesting Alaska Cod than any other commercial fishing technique.

The Processing

Once over the rail, the fish go through an automated bleeding, cleaning and processing system designed by master food equipment technicians in Iceland learned from generations of tradition and research and development. The fish are thoroughly inspected by our onboard and HAACP trained Quality Control staff, then size graded into stainless steel freezing pans and quickly frozen to 30 degrees below zero so as to capture that “deep white and sweet ocean fresh” flavor.

The Alaskan Leader Brand

Each and every product that carries the “Alaskan Leader Brand“ name will ensure to you that it was harvested right, carefully processed and 100% Product of the USA.