About Us

FishermanBoatAlaskan Leader Fisheries has grown to be one of the largest and most productive longline businesses through the construction of new fishing vessels, the acquisition of additional Alaskan fishing rights, and the development of both commodity and value-added initiatives that increase the economic value to the company’s sustainable resources.

Alaskan Leader Fisheries is an Alaska based commercial fishing company.   Together with its affiliates, Alaskan Leader Fisheries specializes in the harvesting, processing, and marketing of the highest quality Alaskan seafood, specifically Alaskan cod, black cod, halibut, salmon, sablefish and other longline caught species. Alaskan Leader Fisheries, owned by Alaskan Leader Group and Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC), currently owns and operates four freezer-longliners fishing out of the Aleutian Island’s port of Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Alaskan Leader Fisheries was founded in 1990 by seven Kodiak Alaska fishing families with a long history of involvement in the Alaskan longline and crab fisheries.  In 1998 they partnered with Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC), a community based economic development entity (CDQ) representing 17 rural villages in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska.  BBEDC, located in Dillingham, Alaska, provides a wide range of economic, educational, and funding programs for residents of member-communities and small business owners.  The BBEDC Board carefully considers their fisheries investments in order to empower their communities toward economic prosperity and the enrichment of cultural heritage.  Presently Alaskan Leader Fisheries and affiliates is owned 50% by The Alaskan Leader Group and 50% by BBEDC. This unique ownership structure brings together a thorough understanding of the commercial fishing industry, Western Alaskan culture and the best of business practices to create one of the largest and most productive longline companies in the Alaskan fishing fleet.

Longline fishing is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable methods in the fishing industry.  No other fishing technology in the world has the advantage of harvesting quality fish while still leaving a minimal environmental footprint on the ocean floor.  This one-fish-at-a-time method produces the highest quality seafood, recognized to be superior, through the careful handling of individually hooked fish. By using this method, our vessels catch the targeted fish while minimizing by-catch of other species.

The F/V Alaskan Leader, F/V Bristol Leader, F/V Bering Leader and F/V Northern Leader fish primarily for Alaskan cod and are managed by Alaskan Leader Fisheries.

In addition to the freezer longliners, Alaskan Leader Fisheries operates Alaskan Leader Seafoods and Pacific Northwest Metal Fabricators, both located in Seattle, Washington.  Alaskan Leader Seafoods is a marketing entity that sells both commodity and value-added retail/wholesale products.  Pacific Northwest Metal Fabricators is a full-service marine fabrication and equipment service company.  Alaskan Leader Fisheries’ management and personnel office is located in Lynden, Washington with an operations office in Kodiak, Alaska and a sales, marketing and purchasing department located at Fishermen’s Terminal in Seattle, Washington.