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Beginning this year Alaskan Leader Foundation will highlight a special community project.

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The Alaskan Leader Foundation and its members are proud to announce First Light/Artists in Alaska and its acclaimed Alaskan artist Anna Hoover of Egegik, Alaska, as one of our major gift giving recipients for 2012.

This project will bring Pacific Rim Indigenous Artists to Bristol Bay and Kodiak Island. These artists will conduct interactive workshops within the communities that will demonstrate a variety of cultural artistic mediums.

Anna holds a double Masters Degree from the University of Washington in Native American Art History and Documentary Filmmaking. She is the daughter of commercial salmon fishers from southwestern Alaska and northwestern Washington. Her father is the late Aleut sculptor John Hoover, whose life’s works may be seen in museums and art galleries across the United States as well as having been exhibited in the Library of Congress and The White House in Washington, DC.

Anna’s own work was recently unveiled and featured at a gala style event at the Burke Museum in Seattle, Washington. Her work has also exhibited at the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts, Princeton University; Alaska House New York, New York City; The Art Museum of Komsomolsk-on-the-Amur, Far Eastern Russia; the Bishop Museum, Hawai’i; and the International Gallery of Contemporary Art in Anchorage, Alaska.

Her drive to bring awareness to Alaska’s indigenous cultures, their history and the children that live in those regions is what spirited our Foundation to support her. Anna’s pure and sincere gift back to her Alaskan community is to share her education with other villagers and maybe help another child realize the same opportunities that she has received.

First Light / Artists in Alaska will bring world-class artists to Alaska to help Anna in hands on workshops in the city of Dillingham, Bristol Bay and Kodiak Island.

Renowned artists Svetlana Rosugbu of Far Eastern Russia, Julie Tipene O’Toole of Australia, and three Native Artists of Alaskan heritage, Tanis S’eiltin, Aasanaaq Kairairuak, and Drew Michael will accompany her.