Summer fishing season is here and we are all excited to get back to catching fish. 2020 will be a season like no other and we all need to work together - harvesters, processors, and communities - to safely catch and process fish throughout the entire season. If we all do our part, we can expect a successful season.

  • Take the situation seriously, with thousands of fishermen entering rural Alaska, community anxiety is high,
  • We all need to do our part in adhering to State and local mandates, especially Mandate 017. The state requires a signed agreement (appendix 02) affirming you understand your responsibilities which must be provided to your processor.
  • Vessel operators are responsible for crew's compliance with Mandate 017. Make sure your crew knows the rules and understands that you are accountable for their behavior.

Your job is critical to both the State of Alaska and the nation. We wish you a safe and prosperous season. 

Resources: (select 'Health Mandates' scroll to 'Mandate 017') (select 'COVID-19' page)