Alaska Halibut Health and Nutrition


A naturally lean and light fish, Alaska Halibut has earned its well-deserved reputation as the world’s premium whitefish. Combining a sweet, delicate flavor with firm texture and a pure, snow white flesh, Alaska Halibut is a natural for a variety of signature dishes and attractive plate presentations and sweet, delicate flavor.

Alaska Halibut’s mild, slightly sweet flavor is a prime reason for its widespread popularity among consumers and chefs. No matter how it is prepared, Alaska Halibut can be enhanced with herbs, seasonings or sauces that range from the simple addition of lemon to far more elegant preparations such as fruit-based salsas, vegetable purees or garlic-flavored bread crumbs. The possibilities for creating imaginative menu ideas are endless.


A major benefit of Alaska Halibut is that it maintains its firm texture and shape whether it is baked, broiled, grilled, poached, or steamed. As a result, Alaska Halibut is a favorite with chefs for its versatility in providing menu variety, and a favorite with customers who perceive it as the “steak of seafood”. Perfect for soups, sandwiches, or specialty signature items, the menu applications for Alaska Halibut fit a wide range of operations — from full-service family-style to upscale white tablecloth restaurants and non-commercial operations, such as colleges, universities and healthcare facilities.


Alaska Halibut is high-quality, profitable and convenient menu item to serve. From the middle of May through early September, Alaska fishermen harvest the largest domestic supply of halibut. The largest flatfish of the sea, Alaska Halibut are frozen within hours of harvesting to preserve their natural, fresh-caught flavor and texture.

Alaska Halibut is available in convenient, pre-cut portions, providing easy preparation and low labor costs. From thick steaks to loins, fillets and roasts, Alaska Halibut is profitable to serve. Customers recognize Alaska Halibut as the world’s premium whitefish and will pay for that value.


Alaska Halibut is available fresher-frozen in abundant supply throughout the year. Alaska’s state-of-the-art freezing and processing technology, employed within hours of harvest, delivers a consistently high-quality product and preserves the firm texture, delicate flavor and snow white flesh.


Alaska Halibut is a natural menu item for today’s health-conscious consumer. High in nutrients, Alaska Halibut is low in overall calories, fat and sodium.

Serving Size: 3oz (85g) 


Saturated Fat:0.5g
Unsaturated Fat:2g
Total Carbohydrates:0g

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